Restaurant Cash Register – How to work with it

by admin on February 1, 2011

When you become an operator of a restaurant cash register is an important job. It is known that the operator is the person who is seen by customers when they walk into the restaurant. Operator is also the last person to speak with customers before they come out from the restaurant. That means he has to understand how to use the machine properly.

To work in a restaurant cash register, see the ticket is correct. To make sure the server of the customer billed for the right items, ask the customer to repeat back to his meal before the ticket to enter items into the machine. If you enter the item into the machine incorrectly, you can remove it by pressing the “Delete”.

Do not forget any discounts that may apply to specific menu items. Many combo elements in the machine directly, but for temporary discounts, you should enter a code. So, it’s better for you to a list of discounts available in your area. By doing this you can recognize the right codes for each discount.

You can ask the customer whether he wants to add some tips to his bill. Did, however, some customers are usually a tip on the table or put the tip on their credit card receipt.

If the operator of restaurant cash register, you must learn the way to all kinds of different payments, such as credit cards, checks, debit cards and gift certificates to accept. This is essential to turning the machine properly.

You should also learn ways to make changes. In this case, most of these machines give you the right to change the auto to give back to the customer. When giving the insurer to give the least amount of coins and banknotes.

For your restaurant, it is better for you to select the correct one. Logic billing machine may be able to be perfect alternative.  In addition, Logic cash register is very easy to program.

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