Milk Collection Mini Computer

Milk Collection Mini Computer

This special purpose minicomputer designed for Dairy Industries in rural area. It registers daily milk transactions and produces reports required. Since It directly interacts with an Electronic Weigh Scale and Milkotester avoids manual entries. Mini computer has several advantages over Personal Computer such as no data corrupt, no need of computer knowledge, requires less space and power.

Salient features

  • Inbuilt Thermal 80mm Printer. Almost zero maintenance No carbon / Cartridge replacement.
  • Can connect with Dot Matrix Printer.
  • No Computer knowledge required.  Operator can be trained within two hours.
  • 1000 Producers capacity.
  • Individual rates for Cow and buffalo
  • 5 Types of Deductions two types of Commissions provision.
  • No limitation for bill schedule. Effective for weekly payment.
  • Automatically Receives fat and liter from Milk tester & Weigh scale
  • Sends tare command to Weigh scale to weigh the next producer’s milk.
  • Alfa numeric display & user friendly 16 keys Soft touch Key Board.
  • Edition of Producer’s name and  Milk rate can be done by operator.
  • Remote Display shows Collect Data till next Entry .(optional)


  • Collection Receipts.
  • Deduction Receipts.
  • Detailed Shift report.
  • Summery Shift report.
  • Producer Bills.
  • Payment Register.
  • Annual rebate Report


  • Extremely easy to operate, dust proof so no need of cabin, No special computer Knowledge required.
  • Automatic entry of Fat, Litre, Lacto and gives Tare command to weigh scale after entry.
  • Pen Drive (Driver) to transfer Minicomputer Data to remote P.C. and Direct Data transfer facility to P.C.
  • Various types of deduction can be made, Sensitive Keyboard and error buzzer.
  • Rate Chart and Producer Names can be edited at operator level.
  • 500 /1000 Producer data can be stored.
  • Marathi, Hindi and English Versions are available.


  • Power Supply : 230 V AC +/_ 10% or 12 V DC
  • Ambient Temperature : 5 to 45’ Centigrade
  • Input for FAT Interface : RS 232 or BCD
  • Power Consumption : 12 Watts
  • Input for Weight Interface : RS 232
  • Printer Competable : Any Dot Matrix (Min 80 column)
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