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Now a days in primary milk centers, milk is measured and recorded in Liters. Also milk fat is determined or analysed using Gerber method. Use of Gerber method is time consuming, so all milk producers would use general fat method. All producers record milk contents in ‘Liter’, ‘Fat’ format in their registers and later they do accounts and then distribute the bills.

If the milk is accepted using liter unit, it is very time consuming and hence there is a great possibility of milk getting spoil. If there is a mistake in measuring milk, the producer and the centers have to bare the losses. And hence producers lose trust. The milk producer who supplies good quality milk with proper milk contents remains unsatisfied. Also by accepting poor quality milk, centers are not at all benefited.

“So the above mentioned method has lost its value”

The solution to the above mentioned problem is found by M/s. Logic Electronics, Pune. Using Electronic Weighing scale in liter mode to measure milk, can accurately measure it. Also the producer remains satisfied that even 50 or 100 ml milk is being counted and considered.

Using Electronic Milkotester to analyse the contents of the milk, the producer gets value or price as per his milk quality. By having an auto handle to the Electronic Milkotester, fat can be measured accurately and the milk collection process can be performed faster.

We have specifically designed Micro Computer, Weighing Scale, Milkotester which automatically reads liters and fats and prints the bill in Marathi for the concerned producer.

Due to our automated system and the facility of the printed bill, trust with the producer increases as transparency in the process is maintained and hence milk collection increases. This process highly save time and also reduces man power involved. This is a breakthrough technology for the primary milk collection sector and is very much required in today’s world.

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